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Robotic Surgery


The Surgeon performs the surgery by manipulating surgical instruments from a nearby surgeon’s console. The robots are capable of perfectly duplicating the surgeon’s movements. As a result, the surgeon maintains control throughout the procedure. When compared to traditional procedures, operations are accomplished with greater precision, flexibility and control.

Robotic Sx system (Versius) of CMR (UK) has been launched in Odisha at Shanti Memorial Hospital for the 1st time.The only mobile Robotic system having independent modular arms. They are patient as well as surgeon friendly, with full back up by the CMR technical group. CMR stands for CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL ROBOT. It is a British medical technology based in IMPINGTON (U.K). The name of is Robotic system is “VERSIUS”.


Advantages of Robotic Surgery over Laparoscopy

  1. In Robotic Surgery, the surgeon operates with higher magnification (40 X magnificent) in a 3 D mode with miniature precision
  2. The Robotic arms have the ability to reach inaccessible& small operating spaces.
  3. There is less contact of Robotic instruments to the interior organs of the abdominal cavity, therefore reducing the surgical site infection.
  4. The endowrist features of the Robotic instruments moves or rotates 720* compared to human wrists which rotate only 180*.
  5. The skill movement of human wrist is enhanced by using these endowrist features of the Robot.
  6. Bleeding & pain are minimal.
  7. Hospital stay is reduced further as compared to Laparoscopic Surgery, patient can now be discharge after 24 hrspost surgery.






Scope of Robotic Surgery


All Surgeries done by Laparoscopy can be done by using Robots

  1. Upper GI surgeries – Esophagus, Stomach & Pancreas
  2. Hepato biliary & Pancreas surgery –Liver, Gall bladder, Bile duct, Pancreas
  3. Solid organ surgery – Kidney, Spleen &Liver
  4. Colorectal Surgery
  5. All Oncological surgery (Cancer surgery)
  6. Radical Prostatic surgery for cancer prostate
  7. Bariatric & Metabolic surgery for weight loss & correction of Hypertension & Diabetes
  8. All Hernias surgeries i.e., (Groin & Abdominal) & Abdominal wall Reconstruction surgery
  9. Thoracoscopic surgery – Lungs, Thymus
  10. Head & Neck surgery – Oral cavity, Thyroid surgery
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