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of Shanti Memorial Hospital

1. Reception & Waiting Lounge
The reception area of the hospital remains open round the clock to help & guide the patients & their attendants by our caring receptionist & experienced PROs.
The hospital has a comfortable & spacious waiting lounge with a help desk for easy assistance. The reception is provided with flat LED TV/Monitor and a separate waiting lounge for our esteemed Priviledge card holders.
2. Pathology Laboratory (NABL Accredited)
Shanti Memorial Hospital central Lab is certified and accredited by: National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Government of India.

Central Clinical Reference Lab is equipped with State of the Art equipment certified by US FDA and CE marked and is backed with highly skilled professionals comprising of pathologists, Biochemists, Microbiologists, Genetists and support staff for sample accession and handling. The infrastructure facilities include:

A state – of- art facility spanning 2000 square feet of built – up area. Technologically Advanced Testing Equipment
  • NABL accredited Full automated pathology laboratory with molecular diagnostic & automated microbiology facilities.
  • Hospital Laboratory Management Services Round the clock operations (24 / 7)
  • Rs .20 million worth of technologically advanced equipment like

1. Full Auto 400 through put Biochemistry analyzer with inbuilt water treatment mechanism . Back up Biochemistry equipment .

2. Full automated immunology (ECLIA) equipment .

3. Full automated 5 part & 3 part hematology equipment.

4. True nat RT PCR equipment for molecular diagnostic tests.

5. Full automated microbiology department with automated culture system through Vitek 2 & Bact-alert.

6. Complete technologically advanced immunofluorescence equipment for cardiac & other vital markers.

7. Separate department for clinical pathology & histopathology samples.

Diagnostic services offered by pathology department

Certifications and Accreditation:

We have an unflinching commitment to quality and never compromise on accuracy by strictly adhering to ISO 15189 standard, CLP, CLSI, FDA and WHO guidelines.

3. Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
22 bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which included MICU, SICU & 2 bedded isolation ICU beds equipped with multi parameter monitor, ventilator, bedside ABG, Dialysis units, Imaging X-Ray, USG & Echo. Bedside Diagnostic & Therapeutics Endoscopy procedure.
4. Pharmacy Department

Our Pharmacy is open 24×7 with separate OPD & IP. All drugs dispensing done by qualified pharmacists. Home delivery options are available for our Priviledge Card holders.

5. Radiology Department
Round the clock availability of Sonologist supported by Colour Doppler & ultra sound services at an affordable cost.

Digital X-Ray unit with Fluoroscopy, C-ARM, portable X-Ray unit for nonambulatory patients in ICU & emergency care.

6. Cardiology
Shanti Memorial Hospital Cardiac care center has been established with an aim to provide the most advanced and affordable cardiac care in Odisha. We offer reliable and efficient services to the heart patients providing proper medical guidance for their speedy recovery.

The cardiac care center offers :

OPD services:

Noninvasive Cardiology: noninvasive cardiology services consists of different diagnostic procedures which form the back bone of Cardiac care. The institutes has state of art equipments and facilities for prompt and precise diagnosis and management of all heart diseases.

The noninvasive procedures we offer:

Interventional Cardiology: Our dream and motto is to provide precise, affordable and guideline directed solutions in the vast field of intervention cardiology.

We have state of art infrastructure with modern machinery support for critically ill cardiac patients. We have a vastly experienced paramedic team to carry out the day to day work in cardiac ICU and headed by top most Intensivist/critical care consultants.

7. Operation Theater Facilities
We have 3 operation theatres comparable with the best in the world fully equipped with all the latest equipments. These are modular operation suits with AHU as per NABH norms. All the 3 operation suites have specialised positive pressure ventilation of filtered air to dilute airborne contamination control air movements & temperature as well as humidity. It also helps in the removal of dilute, waste anaesthetic gases.
All the 3 theatres have been filled with Martin & Berchold LED Lights & Macquet OT tables.

The 1st OT is dedicated for all minimal access (Laparoscopic) surgeons with all the 3 latest Laparoscopic systems, 4K 1688 Stryker with infrared & ICG provisions, Karl Storz Spies system & 3D Viking system.

All the latest energy sources are available:

1. Martin
2. Covidien ligasure
3. J & J Harmonic Scalpel
4. Engine Harmonic Scalpel

– Smoke evacuator from J & J
– Our sterilisation is backed up with high pressure steriliser of machine Kraft & supported by STERRAD Plasma steriliser & ETO Steriliser.

Neuro / Ortho & Spinal surgeries with micro vascular surgeries are done using LEICA microscope & Neuro drill.

All Ortho surgeries are done using Stryker drills & latest high end C-Arm Image intensifier.
Endo urological procedures are done with all types of rigrid & flexible scopes.

All ENT surgeries done with Endoscopic as well as open approaches.

8. Endoscopy Suite
We have state of the art endoscopic suite equipped with all the latest flexible scopes (Olympus & Ahuoa)

1. Upper GI Scope
2. NBI Upper GI Scope
3. Colonoscopes
4. Gastro duodenoscope
5. Bronchoscope

We carry out all diagnostic & therapeutic procedures with these scopes.

ERCP is carried out for pancreatic & common bile duct diseases under C-Arm image intensifor.
9. Casualty (Emergency & Day Care)
24X7 Emergency casualty service is manned by dedicated team of doctors / nurses / pharmacists. Emergency provided monitor with central oxygen & suction supply, ventilators, Bipap machine, modern resuscitation devices and trained Doctor & staff in 24×7.
Under continuous monitoring by our specialized health care professional. Consultants visit round the clock to guide & treat these patients.
24×7 Critical care ambulance furnished with lifesaving equipments (ventilator, multi-parameter monitors, defibrillator etc.) & trained paramedics.

Well-trained trauma team and medical staff equipped to manage all types of accidents and emergencies. Four bedded Emergency is backed by 10 bedded Day Care unit.

10. Patient Rooms
The hospital offers a variety of accommodation facilities, which cater to all kinds of individual preferences and budgets such as:
  • Super-Deluxe/Private Rooms (Provided with cable TV/Fridge & Nursing call bells) with Wi-Fi Services
  • Deluxe/Semi Private Rooms
  • Air Conditioned General Ward
  • VIP suites
  • Air conditioned sharing rooms
11. Canteen

An extremely clean, hygienic, round the clock air-conditioned canteen with 100 seating capacity.

Well equipped to cater to the needs of all the patients & their attendants, fulfilling all the dietary need of patients as per diet charts and nutrition requirements specified by our dietician.
12. Physiotherapy (Facilities Available)



13. Ambulance Service
We have 2 dedicated BLS ambulances for picking up of patients & drop after discharge. We offer complimentary pick up & drop within city limits for our esteemed priviledge card holders. The ambulance services are available 24×7.
14. Sleep Lab

A dedicated “Level-1 polysomnography lab (sleep lab)” is available in the hospital & deals with all types of sleep disorders 1. sleep apnea, 2. parasomnia, 3. Insomnia…etc for both adults and pediatric patients. Sleep tests are done after being evaluated by a pulmonologist expertise in the field of sleep medicine. Special cases are being managed by a multidisciplinary discussion between pulmonologist, ENT specialist, neurology and orthodontics. Patients not capable of coming to hospital, facility of home sleep study is also available. Around 100 sleep studies are already performed within the last six months of establishment so far.

15. Obesity & Wellness Clinic

Slimming Therapy

An Unique Combination & Solution For EVERY BODY … Refine, Sculpt, Firm, Reshape, Nourish & De-stress.

It Incorporate vacuum therapy that ensures maximum depth of the frequency, enabling fast & effective treatments. It facilitates deeper tissue penetration for effective cellulite treatment, circumferential reduction and skin tightening at the same time.
With our slimming therapy program we treat for cellulite reduction & body contouring.
HILIPO CONTOUR : Bio-Stimulation along with Lymphatic Detoxification
It is a balanced combination of Lifting, Toning, Sculpting, Strengthening and tightening. It flattens the tummy, reshapes the buttocks & trims the thighs.
HILIPO DETOX : It is a Deep Heat with Vacuum Therapy Combination

It removes impurities, toxins from fat cells by vacuum and heat therapy. This Combination burns Fat and removes Toxins (Lymphatic detoxification)

The Ideal Cellulite Reduction Device
HILIPO CAVI : Is an Ultrasonic Cavitation device
It is a Deep Heat with Vacuum Therapy Combination It removes impurities, toxins from fat cells by vacuum and heat therapy. This Combination burns Fat and removes Toxins (Lymphatic detoxification)


It painless & non-surgical reduction of localized subcutaneous unwanted fat from the problem areas & treatment of cellulite.
The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, it is totally painless and with no known side effects. In most cases the result can be seen immediately and depending on individual clients, Most will need between 3 – 7 treatments with intervals of 7 – 10 days.
It is the true alternative to surgical liposuction.

Benefits of HILIPO CAVI :

16. Nutrition Counselling

1. Evaluates and assesses nutrition status of patients and screens patients for Nutritional Risk in accordance with hospital protocols.

2. Nutritional assessment involves determining the patient’s diet, medical & family history

3. After evaluating nutritional assess the clinical Nutritionist treats nutritional problems with a recommend a dietary meal plan As per the physicians treatment protocol.

4. The dietary meal plan includes the amount of calories from proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the types and quantities of foods and portion sizes.

5. Group & Family counselling on nutrition.

17. Post Covid Clinic (Post recovery of Covid 19)

As patients recovering from COVID 19 often experience variable symptoms like persistent cough, short ness of breath, chest pain, weakness…etc that need to be evaluated, our hospital offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation and care for post COVID 19 patients. Patients are being screened, assessed and treated by an experienced pulmonologist to prevent acute and chronic complications. Discharged COVID patients are being followed up regularly in this post COVID clinic.

Facilities for CT scan, pulmonary function testing, echocardiography, physical rehabilitation and psychological counseling along with chest physiotherapy are available if required in specific cases. Around 250 patients including outside hospital referral are now in our post covid clinic follow up so far.

18. Skill Lab for Laparoscopic & Endoscopic
19. Privilege Card
The Shanti Memorial Hospital Loyalty Programme!
The Shanti Memorial Hospital Loyalty Programme has been designed for our valuable clientele who are willing to entrust us with the health and wellbeing of themselves & their families. As a token of our appreciation and gratitude to them, we have decided to extend some special offers/ schemes/ discounts towards services availed at our hospital. The card holders of this Loyalty Program will enjoy a set of special entitlements, for a whole lifetime. While the entitlements can be enjoyed by all members of the family, this card is not transferable.

Discount on Room Tariff – 15%
Discount on Pharmacy – 7.5%
Discount on Investigations – 10%
Discount on Shanti Master Health Check Up Program – 10%

Free OPD Consultation – 2
Free Ambulance pick up & drop (within the city limits) – YES
Home collection of samples – YES
Priority Appointment – YES

Salient features of Shanti Memorial Hospital:
Centers of excellence
Priviledge Card

Shanti Memorial Hospital Loyalty Programme

The Shanti Memorial Hospital Loyalty Programme has been designed for our valuable clientele who are willing to entrut us with the health and wellbeing of themselves & their families...

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