• Shanti memorial hospital is a multi-speciality medical centre established in April 1991


1991-1992 – Bed capacity 10 beds, mainly providing free treatment & operations free of cos. Patients had to buy medicines and

  • Monthly organizing – free health check up camps for poor people from nearby locality.
  • Indoor – private & Semi private rooms & exclusive cabins started in 1993 January with a full fledged operation theatre carrying out all types of surgeries.

1st time in the State the 1st Laproscopy Operation for Gall Bladder Stone was done on 8th August 1992 by K. Ravindranath & Dr. Vinay Taunk & Dr. Sreejoy Pattnaik (Apollo, Hyderabad & Shanti Hospital Combined)

1994 January: Launching of Endo – urological for operations of prostate gland, Urinary Bladder stones & strictures in the Urethra.

1995 April: Launched Laproscopy Operations for Gall Bladder, Appendicitis and other intra abdominal diseases.

1996: Became one of the pioneer institute carrying out advanced surgeries both in Laproscopy & endo- urology.

1997: Built up an annex with exclusive rooms & suits to take care of VIP patients along with 2 nos. consultant rooms & an x- ray room.

1998: Image Intensifier or IITV which is otherwise called “C-Arm Image Intensifier” was first launched in the state. It helps in various orthopaedic surgeries endo – urological procedures & in placement of cardiac pacemakers.

1999: URS is another feather added to the UROLOGY wing of the hospital, which deals with all pathologies of the lower urinary tract up to the kidney pelvis. Most frequently encountered disease is kidney stones & uretic stones which can be dealt presently without opening up the abdomen.

2000: Advanced Orthopedic & emergency poly trauma care wing launched. With the able guidance of Dr. C.P.Das, MS, M ch (Liverpool) who came from England & guided us to start this wing, with his able workmanship, catering all emergency cases including trauma patients with minimal hospital stay. Minimal invasive interlocking nails are being put without opening of the fracture site. Plaster of the limbs in this procedure is rarely done.

2001: 1st time in the history of Neurosurgery in Orissa, ACF operation (Antisior Cervical fusion of Vertebral) was done by a team of doctors from St Johns Medical College, Bangalore on a p.t. whose all limbs were paralytic following spinal cord injury. Pt was discharged after 4show. At present doing normal in his life.

Launching of ULTRACISSION ” THE HARMONIC SCALPEL” a product of Johnson, USA. 50 installation in India but 1st one in Orissa, Jharkand & Bihar.


  • Used in surgery for cutting of coagulating of various type of tissues
  • Concept : Electrical energy is converted to ultrasonic energy.
  • Temperature generated around the tissues is < 30° c (compound to > 100° c in ordinary electrical cautery equipment) being used in all other hospitals So tissue charring effect is minimal.
  • Much more excellent than laser (where you have to have ancillary gowns & dark glass to wear).
  • Safe haemostasis therefore better vision during surgery , not disturbed therefore less time for surgery.
  • Can safely be used in surgery in patients on a pacemaker.

2002: PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) was launched in the month of Jan 2002 & till date we have operated 5 cases and have got good result.

Concept : Removal of Kidney stone with a single puncture hole.


  • Painless Surgery
  • Earlier return to work
  • Cost effective
  • Almost scar less
  • Recurrence rate (+/ – )1% less than other surgery (+/-)5%.

Infant Cystoscope & pediatric Cystoscope:

  • To treat all infants & pediatric age group for all types of injury problems
  • Day care procedure
  • Same day discharge
  • Cost effective