Shanti Memorial Hospital


Shanti Memorial Hospital provides high endanaesthesia services in form of

1. Modern Anaesthesia Workstation

With facilities to monitor the different anaesthesia gas flow And depth of Anaesthesia.

This ensures minimum anaesthetic agent administration and early recovery of patient after surgery.


2. Monitoring

All monitoringfacilities to provide safe anaesthesia- like minute to minute blood pressure monitoring (IBP), safe percentage of oxygen delivered to the patient and carbon dioxide level in body.

3. Difficult Intubation cart is available during all Anaesthesia Procedures .

These are –

  1. Fiberoptic Laryngoscope and bronchoscope.
  2. Devices for emergency always control.

This is required for patients who have difficult airwayand administration of Anaesthesia become difficult like – face deformity/ face fracture/ trauma in and around face, head and neck.

4. Ultrasound Machine and nerve blocks

To provide post-operative pain relief to patients.

5. Syringe infusion pumps

Are used to deliver uniform level of anaesthetic agent and just what is required for surgery.

6. Critical care & morbid conditions

We provide safe anaesthesia to all high risk patients like

  1. Obese patients
  2. Frail and weak patients
  3. Patient with comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes,asthma, post chemotherapy and radiotherapy, bedbound patient, elderly patient,

Stroke patients with cardiac problem and acute and chronic kidney diseases and Advanced COPD.

7. Procedures

Safe Anaesthesia in provided for various Procedures like:

  1. Robotic Surgery
  2. Laparoscopic Surgery
  3. Orthopaedic – Knee replacement, hip replacement, spine surgery, Limb Surgery, Complex, multiple fracture fixations.
  4. Neuro surgical procedures
  5. Trauma- Damage control surgery where minimal Anaesthesia should be given (e.g. TIVA Blocks)
  6. All emergency procedures
  7. Monitored Anaesthesia care for outpatient endoscopy procedure like colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, or oesophageal dilation, stenting andembolisation in high risk patients
  8. Prolonged/Lengthy procedures like oncology and neurosurgical, procedures.

8. HDU & ICU

Post operative care in high dependency unit or ICU with auultra modern facilities.

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