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Long working hours and risky alcohol use ? Are we aware of this.

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  • Risky alcohol use is common in high income countries, though there is cultural variation in alcohol use between countries; about 1 in 4 people are classified as at risk users, and 9% meet the diagnostic criteria for an alcohol use disorder.
  • Risky alcohol use, is defined  as more than 14 drinks/week among women and more than 21 drinks/week among men. There might be an increased risk of adverse health consequences, such as liver diseases, cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, mental disorders, and injuries, as well as considerable social costs because of family disruption, violence, traffic incidents, healthcare costs, reduced work productivity, and permanent exclusion from the labour market.
  • Although risky alcohol use is common in the workforce, little attention has been paid to any association with work.  Another work related factor—long working hours—has been associated with several adverse health outcomes that are linked to alcohol use, including cardiovascular diseases, depression and anxiety, sleep deprivation, and occupational injuries. 
  • The workplace is an important setting for the prevention of alcohol misuse because more than half of the adult population are employed.
  • Adverse and serious effects Of Alcohol at Work place – on employees, such as absenteeism, inefficiency, poor performance, impaired decision making, damaged customer relations, and injuries at work.
  • Brief interventions by healthcare personnel that involve assessment of the individual’s drinking habits in combination with feedback about health risks might be useful in efforts to reduce problems with alcohol use in the working population.
  •  Alcohol consumption is more likely to rise to risky levels among employees who work more than 48 hours a week compared with those with standard working hours. 

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