• Shanti memorial hospital is a multi-speciality medical centre established in April 1991


  • Our in-house laboratory, complete with leading edge instrumentation & computerization, provides a better range of testing facilities including biochemistry, hematology & histopathological examination.
  • RIA (Radio Immune Assay): Equipment installed first time to estimate all Hormone Levels & all Tumor markers within few minutes.
  • BLOOD CULTURE & SENSITIVITY (BACT-ALERT 3D60): The latest equipment with high sensitivity. Results are highly specific with Accuracy.
  • VITEK-2(Biomerieux/France): All culture sensitivity tests of body fluids is carried out with MIC values. Results are expected within 48hrs (instead of 4-5days)
  • VECTOR BC-800: Cell counter CBC equipment gives haematological blood test results within minutes with high accuracy.